A historic move in the English Premier League. Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson went on the attack and decided for Liverpool practically on the last move, guaranteeing a 2-1 victory over West Bromwich. At 49 minutes, the last of the additions indicated by the referee, shirt 1 went up alone without a corner kick and headed in style to score the second goal. At the celebration and after the final whistle, Linda also paid tribute to the father of the national team, who was found dead after disappearing in a dam last February.

“The goal is something fantastic, an indescribable sensation” said Alisson, through his press office, complementing with his dedication to his father: “At that moment, I was only able to think about my father, who left us this year. I know he is extremely happy and proud. Unfortunately, he is not here with us to celebrate this moment, but without him in our lives, nothing that happened to me would be possible. It is for you, father”.

The three points are essential for Liverpool to get a place in the Champions League next season. In fifth place, he went to 63 points and was one of Chelsea, fourth place, the last position that guarantees the classification for the tournament. Two rounds to go before the end of the season.