Jurgen Klopp showed discomfort during an interview with Des Kelly, a reporter for broadcaster BT Sport, after a 1-1 draw by Liverpool against Brighton, away from home, in the Premier League. But the German did not complain about the two goals annulled by VAR and the penalty scored after the intervention of the video referee, who defined equality already in the additions of the final stage.

“I didn’t see it, but our analysts said yes, it was very close to Mo. I think it was the foot, but we are used to the team’s armpits and badges (on the shirt), so if they tell us then it is obviously impeded. Sadio was clear from what I heard, so yes. The penalty, that’s how it is, I think the decisions were right, yes ”, said the German, who would be uncomfortable when talking about James Milner’s injury.

When asked if the problem was in the thigh, he replied: “Yes, congratulations”. “What, me?” asked the journalist. “Oh, no, but you work for them. Yes. In the hamstrings. Surprise. And they had injuries too. Because it is a difficult period. But ask Chris Wilder (Sheffield United coach) how we can avoid this. ”