Liverpool’s humiliating 7-2 defeat by Aston Villa last Sunday for the English Premier League has a major culprit in the minds of Reds fans: goalkeeper Adrian. Substitute for Alisson, who was injured last week, the Spanish archer failed badly in the first goal (watch above) and then took six more. However, coach Jürgen Klopp exempted him from blame for Liverpool’s biggest defeat in 57 years.

“The fans are going to blame Adrian and things like that. Of course, the first goal was not cool. However, I don’t think he is to blame for the other goals. We didn’t help him. (Adrian) is a very good goalkeeper. Our goalkeeper doesn’t was the problem” said Klopp, in statements published by the Guardian newspaper.

“Aston Villa did very well, forced us to make all the mistakes we made. We did everything that should not be done in a football game, but all the credit for the opponent, who forced us to do that. The first goal had a huge impact on the team and that shouldn’t happen” stressed the German coach.