It is often regarded that the Premier League title is not won in the first half of the season, but it is certainly possible to lose the title. Manchester City and Liverpool come into a massive clash this weekend with different attitudes. City are aware that a loss could effectively signal an end to their hopes of defending the title, whereas Liverpool are hoping to avoid the complacency that Klopp has been fighting to avoid.

Liverpool lead City by six points and this would truly feel like a massive advantage if it stretches to 9 points after just 12 matches. There is a lot of attention on the game between these two giants on Sunday. Anfield will witness a titanic clash that is probably bigger than El Clasico in terms of current form in stature.

Klopp has consistently maintained that Liverpool’s toughest month in the season would be November and December. Apart from Champions League commitments, the club are also up against some important rivals in domestic competitions before heading out to the Club World Cup. A fixture pile-up is around the corner especially if the club progress even further in the League Cup.

An argument that has been consistently in City’s favour would be squad strength, but there are plenty of selection problems for Pep Guardiola. A number of City players are either ageing or struggling with a frequent bout of injuries. Yet, Guardiola’s team are capable of playing in the 3-5-2 formation that has been so problematic for Liverpool. The Reds have struggled to deal with this formation and it was apparent in the games against Sheffield United and Manchester United.

Liverpool come into the game with incredible confidence after not having suffered a league defeat this season. In fact, Liverpool’s last defeat came against City at the Etihad Stadium and the Reds are almost about to go through an entire year without a league defeat. The fire in the belly shown by Klopp’s team has come to the rescue on numerous occasions. Meanwhile, City have been looking a shadow of the former self with the team regularly dropping points this season.

It is quite remarkable that City have been unable to win three games. It is a little difficult to read into the record, as Liverpool have been exceptional so far. Klopp will like his team to score more goals, as it is a major surprise to see the Reds have the lowest goal difference amongst the top three teams. Predictably, City have been destroying opponents and they have a +24 goal difference. It will be hard for Liverpool to contain Guardiola’s team, who have struggled in recent visits to Anfield.

City’s last league victory at Anfield was in 2003. A draw would not be a bad result for the visitors, but Guardiola’s team never steps out in such a mood.

Sunday promises to be an entertaining day for both supporters. It could also be a defining day in the Premier League 19/20 title race. Liverpool could either run away with the title or suffer a choke up once again.