Three months after defender Virgil van Dijk injured his knee ligaments after taking a “scissors” from Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford in a Premier League game, referee Michael Oliver, in a rare interview, admitted he missed the game by failing expel the archer from the Toffees.

In a conversation with the Daily Mail newspaper, he stressed that he did not score a penalty because Van Dijk was offside, as VAR showed. However, he stressed that he should have shown Pickford direct red by the force of the direct entry into the defender’s leg.

“My initial thought was that I couldn’t give the penalty, because he (Van Dijk) was offside, so I had to mark the offside first. I think I said to VAR: ‘If he is not offside, I will give the penalty ‘I saw the move many times later on the monitor. And as much as I saw it, I considered that Pickford hadn’t done anything too much, just widened his coverage area. However, he made a wrong move, like the injury (of Van Dijk) showed”, admitted.

Due to Van Dijk’s injury, the Reds have suffered from a lack of defenders and coach Jürgen Klopp is being forced to improvise midfielders, like Henderson and Fabinho, in central defense.